Can Changing Advertising Slogans Be a Change for the Better?

Advertising campaigns are built on successfully creating unique messages that sell. So is it smart to change a winning slogan that’s worked for fifty years?

Some advertisers stay with words that work. Some don’t.

We try harder. Without any hints, can you name the company that has successfully used that slogan for fifty years?

Chances are you could and even if you needed a hint to nudge your memory (car rental company), you’d know it’s Avis. So where does a classic advertising slogan go after five decades? According to news reports, into the junk heap to be replaced by another three-word slogan: “It’s Your Space.” Huh, what, what’s up with that? Y’think fifty years from now (what about five years from today), you’ll be on a first name recognition basis with Avis based on it’s your space? Not likely.

Does the Slogan Say Something Unique?

Having actively created slogans for a number of advertising clients, the goal for this or any successful sloganeer is to make sure the advertising slogan/theme stands head and shoulders above the competition and more importantly creates and reinforces a unique selling proposition (as defined by Rosser Reeves) for the product or service.

That being said, Avis has lots of competition both in the business car rental and leisure rental business. But the reinforcement of the we try harder message as a major consumer benefit of smart customer service has stood out.

Sure Hertz and the Enterprise names are more successful than Avis but the classic slogan didn’t deserve to be retired.

All that being said, it’s still the goal to create the most innovative slogan you can emphasizing product benefits. The slogan/jingle/theme is what clients and their advertising agencies work day and night to get people to remember.

Federal Express Built a Brand With a Catchy Slogan

When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight–9 words that put Federal Express on the road to knocking off the United States Postal Service.

Look ma, no cavities–and an endorsement from the American Dental Association gave Crest toothpaste the perception of a dentist and hygienic approved leadership position in the dentifrice category.

Got milk–short and sweet has made the milk industry continually pour it on.

Bring Back a Charmin Squeeze?

Even know they use bears now, can anyone forget Charmin being squeezed by Mr. Whipple? Surely, Proctor & Gamble can develop a new campaign that brings back to life the legendary squeezably soft toilet tissue being squeezed again.

So what’s in your wallet? The slogan words of Capital One appear in every advertising message.

Even though I still never leave home without my American Express card.

So what advertising slogan stands out in your mind today?

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