Creative Clash becomes a European Cooperative Society

Creative Clash Final Conference – Brussels 2013

Creative Clash Final Conference – Brussels 2013 from TILLT AB on Vimeo.

Enjoy the vision of Creative Clash given by Carsten Schierenbeck, Kent Johansson, Paul Rubig, Philippe Vanrie and Agnes Hubert.


In these days we are proceeding to the constitution of the Creative Clash SCE, a European Cooperative Society.

This will enable Creative Clash to become a hub to Europe’s artistic interventions in organisations.

As our continent continues to globalise, the Creative Clash mission, transforming Europe with the Art, is the appropriate step to provide knowledge and methodology for the future Artistic Interventions in organisations. The Creative Clash enables us to speak European by connecting the dots among the producers and trainers of artistic interventions in organisations.

As a European Cooperative Society (SCE, for Latin Societas Cooperativa Europaea), Creative Clash is an authoritative voice in the international stage that brings producers and trainers together through events and networking, thus benchmarking and identifying good practices across Europe, and deepening the understanding of the role of art in society.

Creative Clash is the gateway to Europe’s creative communities.

Creative Clash is the successful result of the capitalisation of a European cooperation experience as a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to foster and boost the role of art in society, by supporting the producers of Artistic Interventions in organisations as well as the trainers for artists willing to contribute to Artistic Interventions.

It is owned and managed by the professional producers and trainers from 10 European countries.

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7 thoughts on “Creative Clash becomes a European Cooperative Society

  1. Hi,

    I am a swedish actress/artist and I worked with TILLT for two years in a project in Vara, Sweden. I now live in Stockholm and I´m searching for projects like this, here or elsewhere in the world! Put me on your mailing list.
    Best, Cecilia

  2. dear Clash,

    I wholeheartedly welcome your initiative!
    We have been designing and implementing interventions, mainly for big companies, from our backgrounds in design management and the arts, for over three years now. We help these companies with issues they might encounter like lack of internal or external trust, absence of pride or deficiency of courage of the employees. But an advocate of the importance of the metaphorical ways of thinking and translating artists can possess, is still very much needed. So please continue and build a grand platform!
    Warm greetings from The Netherlands,

    Maarten Scheffer

    ps “clash” off course sounds brave and sexy, but to me it feels more like a blend. Openminded CEO’s immediately grasp the concept ánd, maybe surprisingly, speak the same language.

    • Dear Maarten,
      Great to hear from you! You should definitely be included in the mapping, so I will send you a link to it!

      Your perspective on the word “clash” is surely a valid one – the reason we chose this word is because we believe that the two worlds (of the arts and of the organisation) should stay true to themselves, keep their singularity. This way they will have more to give to each other. Both of them should transform and develop, of course, but rather than blend – cross fertilize! Of course you are right: CEOs that know we need new ways of thinking in the new economy, they immediately understand this.

      Stay in touch!

  3. It is nice to find people like you
    I am working as independent consultor and my job is to bring together artists and organisations.
    We offer them the oportunity to improuve team groups and creativity in orther to innovate.
    We offer them artistic workshops to paticipate with artists in a specific project
    Beside, we work in international projects to overcome cultural barriers between diferent countries. One of our initiatives is bettween Spain and Turkey., to improve commercial exchanges.
    Can we cooperate in somme way?
    This is our blog Gent Creativa in Spanish
    Santiago Guillen

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